Chilly Gonzales on Daft Punk

Moving forward with part six of The Creators Project series on the making of Random Access Memories, the focus moves towards Chilly Gonzales.

Generally, Gonzales is more of a composition player in the musical landscape, earning fame not only as a pianist, but as a complimentary piece to more familiar artists like Jamie Lidell and Feist. During the interview, the classically trained Gonzales, rather than focusing on the emotionalism and subject matter, discusses what he knows best - composing. One moment in particular stands out, when Gonzales professes his adoration of the signature on "Digital Love."

Keep checking back, because this series isn't over yet.

Mixtape: Kool & Kass - Peaceful Solution

Not one for slowing down, Kool A.D. and newfound partner Kassa Overall have debuted their amazing 17-track Peaceful Solutions mixtape, available for free on the duo's Bandcamp.

The mixtape debuted less than a week after Kool A.D. debuted 51, the third mixtape in his ongoing mixtape series in ode to his hometown San Francisco. While most of the tracks were produced by Kassa himself, some familiar names do show up during the album. "Triflin" is produced by Tom Cruz, who, sadly, only shows up one time on the tape. Frequent Kool A.D. partner Amaze 88 also shows up with the closer title track.

Stream/download the mixtape below.

The Black Dog's FACT mix

One of electronica's most renown predecessors and pioneers of the '90s IDM movement, The Black Dog, have contributed one of FACT Mag's more memorable mixes in recent months.

 As one of the primary forerunners of Sheffield label Warp Records, the trio managed to squeeze in some label alums, starting off the another IDM mainstay, Autechre. The mix sticks mostly with a transfixed and adored '90s movement, and a couple new digs just for the mix.

Listen and/or download the entire 40 minutes below.

New Clams Casino - Bookend (ft. MF Doom)

Still in the pantheon of untouchable, legendary hip-hop figures from the 2000s, anything that MF Doom gets his hands on is worth attention. This time, it's with surprising up-and-comer (name the last time you saw MF Doom working with a guy who wasn't at least some kind of veteran producer) Clams Casino. Showing Casino's breadth of textural abilities, the subtle loops in "Bookend" let Doom star, as he should.

Album Stream: André Bratten - Be A Man You Ant

Made strictly on simple measures, using one drum machine and one synthesizer, Norwegian producer André Bratten is set to release his full length debut Be A Man You Ant later this week, via Full Pupp Records.

The entire nine-track LP is available to listen below, showcasing Bratten's penchant for minimalist space and aching openness. Stream it before the May 6 release. Otherwise, pre-order the LP here.

New Ty Segall - Music For A Film 1 (Less Artists More Condos series)

Appearing as the seventh installment in the ongoing split 7" Less Artists More Condos series is Ty Segall and Chad & The Meatbodies. The former of which provided this excellent fuzz instrumental track "Music For A Film 1" - something of a departure of the garage rock revivalist. The latter track, however, is blindingly excellent and a must listen from Chad & The Meatbodies.

As part of the series, the artist featured as the A-Side of the 7" (in this case, Segall) picks the artists they would like to see featured as the B-Side. And for certain, Segall did not miss the mark with his pick.

Stream both tracks below and head to the LAMC Bandcamp to buy the tracks at any price. All the money contributed will be donated to the Ariel Panero Memorial Fund at VH1's Save The Music Foundation.

Nicolas Jaar's Boiler Room set

Boiler Room fans know the range of sets can very between decidedly uptempo to mulled and experimental. It's partly what makes the ongoing series of performances so endearing, as it doesn't pigeonhole itself into one stagnant movement.

Regarding that, its not hard to see that Nicolas Jaar's New York set, available below, edges much more on the experimental side of things. It starts unsurprisingly quiet, leaking in clips of sports talk radio (that's not an ad on your computer), eventually building to something more.

Check out the entire 46-plus minute set below.

Run The Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike) - Get It

After swapping assistant services on each of the other's excellent 2012 LPs, El-P and Killer Mike have finally debuted a the first full track as Run The Jewels.

The long-awaited compilation piece, which has been talked about for several months now, debuted "Get It," a dark-stormed beat with the two partners trading off hard edge verses. The duo, which debuted a small clip of "Banana Clipper" earlier this month, will be releasing a free album in a few months through Fool's Gold.

But for now, head over to Stereogum to download the new track.

New Colin Stetson video - To See More Light

Montreal-based avant-garde saxophonist Colin Stetson is truly a game-changer. His otherworldly vision, execution, and grand exclamation is confounding, deep, and insatiably provocative. Its an easy assertion for someone to listen to "To See More Light" and proudly bask in something completely original and intoxicating.

The new video, which comes from Stetson's upcoming album New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light, is a hauntingly rich black-and-white footage of the Atlantic. Which, not coincidentally, Stetson often brings up during his live performances.

According to SPIN, Stetson often tells the short story of a whale in the Atlantic, saying, "There's this whale that lives in the Atlantic," he says. "Its song is off by a few hertz, which renders it unintelligible by all other whales, but it sings this song, continually for over a decade now, and no one will answer."

To get a better idea of Stetson's vision, head over to NPR to get a listen to the album before its April 30 release date. Otherwise, watch the video below.

New Crystal Castles video - Affection

Shot during the band's recent tour in South America, Crystal Castles debuted the newest video for III standout track "Affection." The footage is largely distorted shots of a curiously lacking energy Alice Glass, donned in blonde. Fans of the group won't notice much a change, however, considering most of Crystal Castles' videos end up looking pretty similar by the end (high-energy color contrasts, erratic close-ups, etc.)

Check out the video below and grab III today via Casablanca/Fiction/Universal Republic.

The National perform "Sea Of Love" and "I Need My Girl" on Fallon

The National, performing two new tracks from the upcoming Trouble Will Find last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, debuted "Sea Of Love" and "I Need My Girl" as a bonus online exclusive. The first, the sweeping and National-esque rapture of "Sea Of Love," fit well as the TV showcase. The latter, however, worked endearingly well as slow-time showcase, demonstrating the band's unreal penchant for heart-wrenching burners.

Check out both performances below and grab Trouble Will Find May 21 on 4AD.

New Phaseone - "Bianca" and "Arsenal Magnolia"

Two more tracks from the upcoming If I Tell U LP from St. Louis-via-Brooklyn producer Phaseone have been released, only a few weeks before Williams Street Records puts out the new LP. "Bianca," a hazy hip-hop fused harmonic jam, and "Arsenal Magnolia," a slow-developing dreary stream, are both available to stream below.

If I Tell U is set for release May 7. Pre-orders are available here.

Four Tet - Pyramid (Atoms For Peace remix)

Not a few hours after revealing on Twitter that Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich's Atoms For Peace have worked a remix of "Pyramid," Four Tet debuted the new piece on Soundcloud. Checking in at nearly eight minutes, the new version is split with chaotic vocal loops, sped up to hyper-imaginative speeds, but not overwriting the original's supreme minimalism. Check it out below.

Jon Hopkins video - Open Eye Signal

Director Aoife McArdle, in his most recent project, undertook the joyous and lengthy single from long-time English producer Jon Hopkins in "Open Eye Signal." The eight-minute plus piece could simply be looked at as a display of skating tricks, but it opens up as a captivating cross-country trip of a mute figure, intrinsically focused as the song continues to develop.

It's a must watch.

New Joy Orbison - Donell

Since breaking through with "Hyph Mngo" back in 2009, English producer Peter O'Grady - better known as Joy Orbison - hasn't seemed to match his outstanding debut. Despite taking what seems like a permanent residency in Manchester's Meandyou club last year, the producer has some new material. "Donell," free to download, is a reworking of forgotten '90s R&B singer Donell Jones' '97 hit "U Know What's Up," stripping the original Left Eye verse for more house-oriented construction.

Check out the new track below.

New Sigur Rós - Ísjaki

After the departure of band member Kjartan Sveinsson, who joined the band on keyboards in 1998 as the only band member with any sort of formal musical training, Sigur Rós are set to release the newest, far more uptempo LP Kveikur.

The release isn't until June 18 on XL, but the band has released the second official single from the follow up to last year's excellent Valtari, with "Ísjaki." This comes after the late March release of "Brennisteinn" and a few live performances of new material. However, those who pre-order Kveikur on iTunes will receive an instant download of the new track.

Otherwise, watch the lyric video for "Ísjaki" below.

WTCHS - Thoughts On Air 7"

Another Record Store Day release that may have fallen under the rocks comes from Canadian noise rock cave minds WTCHS. The Ontario band released a double-sided 7", Thoughts On Air, which is also free to download via the WTCHS Bandcamp page.

It's a claustrophobic, achingly harmonic two-track set that feels comfortable as a soundtrack on the edge of the world. Stream it below as well.

New Bonobo video - First Fires (ft. Grey Reverend)

Following up the swirling-psyche melter "Cirrus," the first single from Bonobo's The North Borders, the British producer debuted the newer, slightly more normal video for "First Fires." The new video dabbles more on the cinematic side of things, using Grey Reverend's vocals to play a bigger story.

Check the video out below and grab The North Borders today.

Album Stream: Deerhunter - Monomania

If the moment where Bradford Cox stepped onto the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon stage dressed in half-drag, drawing out the bloody fingered enigmatic drawl of Deerhunter's "Monomania" didn't real you in (there was a large portion of people that were off-put by the whole thing), then you must be lost.

For those that were, the band is streaming its fifth studio LP Monomania now courtesy of NPR. Listen to what aims to be another stellar release from the band below before its May 7 release.

New Baths - Ironworks

Baths has found a comfortable middle-ground between eccentric dream-haze pop and minimalist electronica. The formula, used to obscene precision on the 2010 album Cerulean, is apparent again on the most recent release, "Ironworks." However, Baths, Will Wiesenfeld, uses vocal execution as a higher priority, while still sprawling tapered effects throughout.

Check out "Ironworks" below from Baths' upcoming album Obsidian, set for release May 28 via Anticon.

Review: Iceage @ First Unitarian Church (Philadelphia, Apr. 19)

Photo by Oda Edjar Starheim
The ruminations of one of Philadelphia's most well put together punk shows had a risk. Heading the formative billing of White Lung, Night Birds, and METZ was Iceage, the youngest of the four bands with easily the most buzz surrounding them. And with that favor came the band's less-than proud reputation of its listless live shows, which, given their youth, was somewhat unsurprising.

Preceding Iceage were three groups with consummate energy. White Lung, starting relatively early, ripped through last year's Sorry LP as guests leaked out of the earlier church ceremonies upstairs. Given the band's relatively surging popularity and the fact that the Vancouver group boasted the only female acts of the entire night (a welcome sign in the least), it was somewhat surprising that local band Night Birds were set to play afterwards.

The New Jersey punk band housed some of the nights best energy, which coincidentally featured a fellow Rowan University friend on guitar (awesome). Their self-branded American stylized punk wasn't much of a separator in terms of individual vision, but the piece-by-piece energy output of the foursome was certainly adept for the basement.

Which led to Toronto trio METZ, which had arguably the most proud reputation of ecstatic live displays. Each of the three acts soundly followed the last, showing its own merits and setting themselves apart from one another, with METZ coming out arguably as the night's best. They didn't meander through in-between song discussions, suffered little to no technical setback, and confidently strode through as a band that profoundly knew had to make a name for themselves.

As side-ways rain began to fall outside, making the floors even slicker than before from beer and sweat, Iceage quickly topped off the night. Still the biggest name of the four, the crowd stayed packed, and was more than admiring. The Dutch foursome still had some issues outside of lead singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt commanding his own spot, but a more than anxious crowd helped deter what could of otherwise been seen as a standard quick performance. Which proved, more than anything else, that crowd command matters more than young artists might realize.

First Unitarian Church, April 19 - Iceage (Preview)

Culminating an impossibly stellar lineup of garage punk up-and-comers Night Birds, White Lung, and METZ, is frequent buzzing Dutch four-piece Iceage tonight at Philadelphia's First Unitarian Church. The outstanding youth of the group is still well known, despite crossing over on the U.S. scene roughly two years ago. Still, the power and brevity of the band's most recent LP You're Nothing on a jump to Matador makes Iceage leading the other bands almost unquestionable.

The Copenhagen band, led by workaholic at-heart Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (who's still churning out stuff as part of Marching Church and Vår), feeds on torrid momentum on You're Nothing, taking the exhausted jubilant nature of New Brigade without relinquishing the - as Anthony Fantano says it best - "chaotic apathy." The sounded is refined - something fairly improbable for any version of punk - but patterns and melodies don't just seem thrown in from varying minds of the band, rather, sticking as a whole scheme.

Whether or not that tooling of the technique means anything for the band's live persona should hold high, given the years of touring and the vigorous attitude the band has towards moving forward. It has to, regardless, because a lineup featuring White Lung and METZ will have plenty craving for a righteous finale.

Tickets for the show are still available, with doors opening at 7 p.m. and beginning at 7:30.

New The Knife video - A Cherry On Top

For those that haven't attempted to divulge into The Knife's Shaking The Habitual, there's still time. While it is a taxing album in many ways, the sheer brilliance and unfiltered outpouring of originality oozing from its seams is unignorable. The newest video from the Swedish group for "A Cherry On Top," while more of a .gif than a video, doesn't overwhelm the user on visual alone (the stirring pink and green neon contrasts on the cover are used here), but the menacing dark churns are something totally unfamiliar. Simply put, it's a whole different level of what we aesthetically understand as production.

Check it out below and grab Shaking The Habitual today.

New Babies video - Mess Me Around

From last year's Our House On The Hill LP, the second from the side-project of Woods and Vivian Girls members Cassie Ramone and Kevin Morby as The Babies, has a brand new video for "Mess Me Around."

Directed by Scott Jacobson, the free-flowing catchy West coast garage pop soundtracks the nervous misadventures of carpooling with complete strangers on the way to a show at sunset. Check it out below and grab Our House On The Hill today via Woodsist.

New Fat Tony - I Shine

The second Smart Ass Black Boy track from Fat Tony doesn't feature the welcome help of Despot and Kool A.D. like "Hood Party" did, but some stylish production from Tom Cruz does its duty to set it apart. Stream/download the new track below and grab Tony's upcoming album June 11.

Gorilla Warfare Tactics - drugDILLA

Quiet since their debut in 2011, Gorilla Warfare Tactics, a trio of NYU students (still in school!), released the "drugDILLA," the first from the upcoming Zoology mixtape at the end of April (which you'll be sure to grab here). Clever, precise, and free-flowing, "drugDILLA" is as good as any track that references the Detroit great should be.

Check it out below and grab Zoology April 30.

New Laurel Halo - Throw

Less than a year after debuting her full-length Quarantine, New York producer Laurel Halo released the first cut from her upcoming Behind The Green Door EP, with "Throw."

The skewed piano-laden track splits the seem of unconscious house with deceptively dark undertones, finishing with a unconventional sendoff. It's a rigid line between iconoclastic Detroit techno (she is originally from Michigan) and UK house dubs, which she often prefers as a contrasting style.

Check out "Throw" below and grab the four-track EP next month on Hyperdub.

New Bibio - You

From Bibio's forthcoming seventh studio LP Silver Wilkinson is "You," a sample-polished beauty pleasantly reminiscent of his early work. The album is set for release May 14, which is available to pre-order at Bleep. Listen to "You" along with a a sampler of Silver Wilkinson below.

New Solar Year - Global Girlfriend

It's been three year's since the relatively unknown Solar Year released the mind-splitting, transcendentally chaotic "Hands Out," which even in internet circles has become a rarity. Luckily, not settling as a undiscovered one-and-done, the group is planning the release of a debut LP later this year via Brooklyn's Ceremony Records.

"Global Girlfriend" is a decidedly different outlook than "Hands Out," offering more vocal resonance and pop humility. Listen to the new track below and grab Waverly June 25.

88-Keys - Rhythm Roulette (Mass Appeal)

Early last month, we got our first taste of the ongoing and totally awesome Rhythm Roulette series from Mass Appeal, featuring Party Supplies. The premise of the series is to take some of today's best young producers, head over to a record store, have them pick three records blindfolded, and turn those records into a track.

Party Supplies made it out fine, coming out with obscure disco-era funk LPs. 88-Keys, however, "bombed" his picks, even ending up with a Steve Martin's 1977 Grammy-winning comedy album Let's Get Small. In the end, 88-Keys isn't terribly happy with it.

Check it out below.

New Thundercat - Heartbreaks + Setbacks

Brainfeeder's resident bass funk and soul standby Thundercat has announced the follow up to his 2011 breakout Golden Age of the Apocalypse with the shortened Apocalypse. The first single, "Heartbreaks + Setbacks," features frequent Thundercat collaborator and all-around great guy Flying Lotus on production, which gives a wonderfully distorted atmosphere to the liberating vocals.

Check the single out below and grab Apocalypse July 9.

New Empire of the Sun - Alive

Nearly five years after the jubilant Walking On a Dream, Empire of the Sun have finally debuted the first single from the upcoming Ice Dune, "Alive." Dutifully, the song is alive and invigorating, tracing back to why the band's 2008 release became so endearing.

Check out "Alive" below and grab Ice Dune this June.

Pharrell Williams on Daft Punk

There's no trying to escape it, the campaigning Daft Punk have done for Random Access Memories is totally engrossing. No album in recent memory has done so much to garner this amount of hype and done it so effectively well as have the electro pioneers, asking the question, are Daft Punk ready to be the biggest thing in music?

After teasing fans at Coachella and during Saturday Night Live with a preview of "Get Lucky" with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, the first and only song fans have heard from the album, the star-studded tracklist was unveiled. Then, the duo's Saint Laurent ad campaign debuted. And now, we have the fourth installment in the Creators Project series, featuring the aforementioned Williams.

Watch below and keep waiting until May 21.

xxxy - Thinkin' Bout

London producer xxxy made his debut with Welsh imprint Ten Thousand Yen two years back, but recently returned with the A-Side of his upcoming 12" release "Progression." Today, xxxy debuted the singles B-Side "Thinkin' Bout," a straight house mash, three days before the 12" release. The B-Side touches with vocal R&B samples without cashing in on the same roundabout methods that a lot of house falls into.

Check out both of the aforementioned tracks below.

Shelf Nunny - I Feel So Good About Myself

If you take the "I Feel So Good About Myself" and Dream Album song titles too seriously, you miss what ends up being a furiously good track from Santa Cruz producer Shelf Nunny.

Immersed in quiet haze, the track fits well as a serene summer night anthem. Listen to the track below and watch out for his EP on Sleepy Beach Records.

Nile Rodgers on Daft Punk

In the latest installment of The Creator's Project documentary series on the making of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, the focus moves to super producer/musician Nile Rodgers. Opening up, Rodgers talks about feeling the same way as when he met David Bowie and Duran Duran as he does with the electro idols, and how much things have evolved since his hey-day.

Rather than on the Giorgio Moroder and Todd Edwards portions, however, Rodgers largely discusses the processes he used in creating his past hits and how that's transferred to Random Access Memories, rather than simply drooling over how good the duo actually are.

Watch below while we count the days down until May 21.

EP Stream: Lord RAJA - Rubies

The latest member in Ghostly International's ever-growing list of ultra-impressive producers is 21-year-old Lord RAJA. Jeremiah Jae fans might recognize the name, as the two have teamed up as Raja Black in the previous months, with RAJA playing the producer role.

Today, RAJA debuted his brand new Rubies EP, which is completely free to download. The six track EP, also available to stream below, touches on hip-hop samples but mostly stays afloat with supreme atmospheric touches. And the deeper it goes, the more textures reveal themselves.

New Boundary video - Étoiles

Utilizing the distant harmony and echoed spacing on "Étoiles," Boundary's (Ghislain Porier) closer on his recent self-titled LP, Chocobeats use a series of slow-focus painted glass images to parlay the song's curious structure.

Check out the new video below and stream Boundary here, also available for purchase on Juno.

Bahwee and Co. Fee's Boiler Room mixes

In case there was any forgetting, Los Angeles' Boiler Room is still consistently killing it.

Bahwee and Co. Fee's half-hour sessions from last month's HUHWHAT&WHERE party have been released, and are readily available to download. Each cut is filled with sunny back room beats and downright dirty production keys, flowing well back-to-back. Check them out below.

Big K.R.I.T. - King Remembered In Time mixtape

Success doesn't seem to slow Big K.R.I.T. down. The Mississippi rapper released his brand new King Remembered In Time mixtape today (what do you think K.R.I.T. stood for?). Included in the mix, which is free to download/stream below, is the previously released "Shine On" which features some standout help from southern rap legend Bun B.

Wiz Khalifa, Smoke DZA, and BJ The Chicago kid also show up on the 17-track mix, available below.

New Dungeonesse - Nightlight

Late last year Jenn Wasner, member of Wye Oak and Flock Of Dimes, revealed her poppy indie venture Dungeonesse and the instantly-likable "Drive You Crazy." In the months since the single release, the duo of Wasner and Jon Ehrens released "Shucks" and the new "Nightlight." The latter of which succeeds with touch-and-go '80s synths and Wasner's aching earnestness.

Check out "Nightlight" below and grab the duo's upcoming self-titled debut album May 14 via Secretly Canadian.

Made In America Festival reveals 2013 lineup

Following last year's monster success, Philadelphia's 2013 Made In America Festival has revealed its stunning second-year lineup.

Leading the charge is Beyonce, which seems like less of a big deal when you remember that Jay-Z is curating the whole ordeal. Alongside her will be Lollapalooza headliners Nine Inch Nails and Phoenix, with Deadmau5 as the head electronica act.

The mid and undercard are swelling as well, with Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Public Enemy, Calvin Harris, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Solange Knowles, and still many more.

The lineup was revealed today via Spotify, which has a mixtape that reveals every artist here. Public sale for tickets will begin April 17, and will be held in Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Labor Day weekend.

Lightning in a Bottle announces 2013 lineup

Southern California's "other" music festival Lightning In A Bottle announced its official 2013 lineup yesterday, with the electronica-focused festival booking Nicolas Jaar, Rusko, and Tycho on the top billing.

Also featured in the lineup, which takes place between July 11-15, are B&B favorites Lusine, Goldroom, Giraffage, ODESZA, and many more. Passes for the festival are available now via the official site, starting at $240 for pre-sale passes, with two and one-day passes also readily available.

It's the festival's second year since moving to its new location in Temecula, California in Lake Skinner County Park. One of the features that makes Lightning in a Bottle standout is festival organizer The Do LaB's willingness to make interactivity a pivotal point of the festival experience. The event is full of art installations and features other festivals do not offer, including the much talked about Lucent Temple of Consciousness.

The temple offers 300 different events, from yoga workshops to world music, and is made entirely of recycled products.

For more information, check the festival website and Facebook pages.

Creating 'Shaking The Habitual'

The unmistakable depth of The Knife's awe-inducing Shaking The Habitual is something to admire. But, for an album that goes so far with so many varying layers of subject material, experimentation, and re-imagination of what is possible by the medium, its somewhat taxing.

From director Marit Östberg, fans have an opportunity to look at what went into the creation of the album from the direct perspectives of Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson. And, as one might expect, the process for them is much different than other artists. Internal questions of identity (the masks The Knife often wear) are asked, with Olof and Karin looking for answers rather than just expecting them. They also speak candidly about the music industry, which Karin refers to as "homogenized," and what must be done to surpass the normalcy of expectations.

Watch the whole 13-minute video below and stream the whole album via The Knife official website.

Beaches - Send Them Away

This new one (courtesy of GvB) comes from Melbourne five-some Beaches, which, as you might expect, hoists up the surf-rock garage vibe to a pretty undeniable degree. "Send Them Away," while encountering the usual descriptions of "sunny" and "infectious," offers a little more terms of plush guitars. Mending between poppy shoegaze and strung-out post-punk, the She Beats second single brings a little more welcome energy than the predecessor "Distance."

Listen below and grab She Beats May 3 via Chapter Music.

New Bass Drum of Death - Shattered Me

Following up 2011's GB City, Oxford garage duo Bass Drum of Death have a brand new single from the forthcoming self-titled LP. It's the band's first since moving from Fat Possum Records to Innovative Leisure, but the raucous fuzz-pomp of the band hasn't gone anywhere.

Check the track out below and grab Bass Drum of Death June 25.

New The National - Demons

It didn't take too long after Queens of the Stone Age released "My God Is The Sun," but another one of this year's most anticipated albums has released its first single.

The first official studio cut from The National's upcoming Trouble Will Find Me, the sixth in the Ohio veteran's catalog and first since the landmark High Violet, is "Demons," which also features a video of an artist recreating the album's cover.

The familiar low-hum of Matt Berninger is back in full, modest force, fleeting with hazy light guitar harmonies and subtle orchestrations. Check out the single below and grab the album May 21. Pre-orders can be made on iTunes.

New Queens of the Stone Age - My God Is The Sun

After debuting the band's newest track "My God Is The Sun" at Lollapalooza Brazil, Queens of the Stone Age have released the official studio cut of the blasting single.

It's the first official single from the band's upcoming June LP  ... Like Clockwork, which features the welcomed return of past helpers Dave Grohl, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, and even some help from Trent Reznor and Elton John.

Stream the excellent new track below and grab the album June 4. Pre-orders made today get an instant copy of "My God Is The Sun," via Matador.

New Lapalux - Moveoutofmyway (ft. ShadowBox)

Apparently not making the cut on his recent Nostalchic, Lapalux generously offered this unnerving B-Side "Moveoutofmyway" (one word) featuring some vocal help from ShadowBox via his Bandcamp. Download the track for free via the site, or stream below.

Nostalchic is out now via Brainfeeder.

Todd Edwards on Daft Punk

Last week, the Creators Project (of Vice) released the first of a continuing series of interview about this year's biggest album, Daft Punk's Random Access Memories.

Going from Giorgio Moroder, the second installment in the series focused on Bloomfield, NJ producer Todd Edwards, who fans might be familiar with previously worked with Daft Punk, supplying the vocals on Discovery standout "Face to Face."

Edwards details his participation, but what really stands out is his unabashed love for what the duo are doing. So much so, he reveals, that he actually moved because of his short time working with them. Check Part Two below and stay tuned for more soon.

Lunice's Boiler Room set at SXSW

The Boiler Room is on an unbelievable roll lately.

After releasing John Talabot's recent set in Miami, and shortly after Death Grips manic SXSW set, the Boiler Room has another SXSW spot worth your attention.

Lunice's Austin set comes off a tad slow at the beginning, but things turn up to unbelievable degrees once Denino Farrar, Flatbush Zombies, and Mykki Blanco storm out. The finale culminates with TNGHT's remix of Kanye West's "Cold" and finally "Higher Ground" with the whole place ready to explode. See the whole thing below.

Lusine mix for MTV Hive

Stopping over at MTV Hive with a healthy new mix was Seattle producer Lusine (Jeff McIlwain), still coming off his otherwise underrated release The Waiting Room earlier this year off Ghostly International.

The one hour 12 minute mix starts off with Emeralds, who McIlwain claims was a "a big inspiration for me on my album." Also featured in the mix (check the full-track list here) are remixes from DJ Koze, Four Tet, and plenty of his own to top it off.

Check the mix out below and grab Lusine's latest LP The Waiting Room today.

Diego Stocco's Leaf mix

Because not everything needs to be super serious all of the time, check out this straight-up awesome video of music sound designer and composer Diego Stocco making beats with ordinary leaves. Those familiar with Stocco may remember his work designing the soundtracks to movies like Sherlock Holmes and Crank, TV shows like The Tudors, and the music for the original Assassin's Creed.

Video courtesy of Ego Trip Land.

New Ifan Dafydd - Llonydd (ft. Alys Williams)

Back in January, Welsh producer Ifan Dafydd debuted the hypnotically mesmerizing "Celwydd" featuring the warming and deconstructed vocals of Alys Williams. The track blew through Williams' vocal highs and Dafydd's mulled adjusted low contrasts, blending almost impossibly seamlessly.

A few days back, Dafydd debuted another Williams pairing with the similarly hard to pronounce "Llonydd." The aesthetic constructs are largely similar, but Williams shines largely brighter this time around. Check it out below and order the LP now via Recordiau Lliwgar.

New Ghostface & Adrian Younge - Murder Spree (ft. Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, and Killa Sin)

With less than two weeks to go before the release of yet another one of April's supremely-anticipated releases, All-Star tandem Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge debuted another cut from 12 Reasons To Die.

"Murder Spree," as with plenty of other album cuts, features a fresh crop of helping, including fellow Wu members Inspectah DeckU-God, Masta Killa, and Killa Sin in this murderous tome.

The accompanying video, however, is simply a filmed pressing of the album's deluxe edition package. Pressed in Boston, the 12 Reasons To Die deluxe issue (dubbed the 12 Delucas Version) will be limited to 400 copies. Within, the issue contains a separate instrumental LP and CD, comics, a poster, various other graphics from AntiDesigns, and a special cassette-only version of the album from Apollo Brown(!).

Order the limited 12 Delucas Version via Get On Down before its too late, or grab the album April 16 via RZA's label Soul Temple.

DJ Peter Rosenberg's 'New York Renaissance' Mixtape

Massive is an understatement here.

New York's resident DJ Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 assimilated some of the city's best new names, including rising superstars A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Flatbush Zombies, Homeboy Sandman, producer Harry Fraud and many more on his New York Renaissance mixtape, which deserves your undivided attention.

Stream and/or download the entire 17-track mix below and consider your day solid.

Live: Lapalux - Benji B's BBC Radio 1 show

The newest member of Flying Lotus' highly-touted Brainfeeder label is Essex producer Lapalux, who recently debuted his second LP Nostalchic. The label previewed the gloriously complex new album about a week ago, which is available now via iTunes and Bleep. But for those who missed out, Lapalux, born Stuart Howard, performed a session of tracks from the new album on Benji B's BBC Radio 1 show today.

Included in the near 30-minute mix are several Nostalchic cuts, and a few special selections, including a spliced version of Gwen Stefani's "Luxurious."

Stream to entire session below and grab the LP today.

Flying Lotus - About That Time/A Glitch Is A Glitch (For Adventure Time)

For the very few who haven't caught on to the wonderfully creative cavalcade that is Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, it's almost too easy to say you're missing out. The cartoon/comic series is an unreal triumph of furiously fun energy, humor, and next-to-none originality that makes it stand apart.

Series creator Pendelton Ward and the show's team of writers let the musical inspirations regularly flow, utilizing curiously under-used chip tune anthems, writing original songs, and even subtle name-drops from time to time ("Don Juan Cherry Tempo" is referenced in an episode, a call out to jazz legend Don Juan and his musician daughter Neneh Cherry).

Last night's new episode featured familiar help from Flying Lotus, who created the chip-tune heavy "About That Time/A Glitch Is A Glitch" used in the show's final credits. Stream the new track below.

Nicolas Jaar video - Balance Her In Between Your Eyes

As part of the Avant/Garde Diaries, which publishes well-done weekly interviews with some of the best emerging figures in the art world, director Richard Parks utilizes the chamber of vastness in Nicolas Jaar's humbling standout "Balance Her In Between Your Eyes."

The Space Is Only Noise cut features the 23-year-old surrounded in dark, disorienting water, as a luminescent trapped figure. As part of the project, Jaar interviewed with Avant/Garde Diaries member Callie Bardow, discussing his affinity for improvisation, and how crazy you have to be to actually become a musician.

Read the whole interview here and watch the video below.

Beacon - Bring You Back (Kuhrye-oo Remix)

Beacon's sure-to-be-stellar The Ways We Separate LP still has a few weeks before its official release, so to hold the time over Kuhrye-oo has pushed the pace of the album's lead-single "Bring You Back" with a brand new remix.

While the original focuses on minimalist beats perusing the background, Kuhrye-oo has forced the pulse to the forefront, adding intermittent layers of samples throughout. Check out the original and remixed version below and grab The Ways We Separate April 29 via Ghostly.

Album Stream: Boundary - Boundary

Working under his new moniker Boundary, Montreal producer Ghislain Porier released this wonderful self-titled project. Following Porier's previous genre-splitting efforts, Boundary exudes undefined principles. From the mystifying chaos of the opener "Fukushima" to the turbo-blend synth burst of "Double-Edged Sword," no path seems ardently possible to predict.

Stream the entire LP below or grab a copy through Juno.

Black Milk - Computer Ugly Ugly/Why Worry

After promising a new instrumental album some time ago, Detroit producer Black Milk is following his word with his Synth or Soul LP set for Record Store Day. The April 20 release will feature this duel track "Computer Ugly Ugly/Why Worry." The first half splits the "Synth" portion, with hard-line electro-fused beats and dingy bass work. The latter flows through the "Soul" portion, which you can imagine will be the formula for the remainder of the album.

Stream below and pre-order here.

Giorgio Moroder on Daft Punk

Fans familiar with Vice may recognize another one of its side pieces, The Creators Project. While not only focusing on music, a la Noisey, The Creators Project does highlight the more artsy of music videos, so there's some crossover.

The newest and most damn exciting series from the group is a collaboration series about the upcoming Holy Hell it's actually coming new album from electro deities Daft Punk. The first of the series features insight from Italian disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder, who helped out on Random Access Memories.

Moroder discusses the duo's penchant for supreme perfectionism, exuding unmistakable high praise for the French giants. Watch part one of the series below and get ready for Random Access Memories May 21. A new national world-wide holiday.

Album Stream: Trek Life - Hometown Foreigner

Little-known but should be more well-known Los Angeles rapper Trek Life has just released his unassumingly outstanding new album Hometown Foreigner. The album features some familiar help like Philadelphia's own Hezekiah and a few others, but the album is straight-forward Trek Life.

Stream and/or download the album below.

Album Stream: The Knife - Shaking The Habitual

Arguably the most hyped album of early 2013, The Knife's Shaking The Habitual is available to fully stream a full week early, courtesy of Pitchfork Advance. The other-worldly inspiring album starts off with the strikingly unique "A Tooth For An Eye," which has already made the short-list for best tracks of 2013. There's so many rivaling layers to Shaking The Habitual, however, that just jumping in may prove to be a bit much.

Dare if you will and stream the album here before its release next week on Rabid Records, with pre-orders still available.

Walla + Sombear - Never Give Up/Incredibly Still

Working alongside Death Cab For Cutie guitarist/producer Chris Walla, Minneapolis producer Sombear will release a split 7" vinyl this Record Store Day featuring the sparkling and surprising "Never Give Up" from Walla, and the more poppy "Incredibly Still" from Sombear.

The split will be released via Walla's Trans- Records, which will distribute a limited 1,000 copies for the April 20 event. Additionally, the 7" comes before Sombear's full album release Love You In The Dark, which will be out later this summer.

Stream both tracks below.

New Balam Acab - La La La and Luminesce

Where exactly these two new cuts from from producer Alex Koone, aka Balam Acab, is still a mystery, but that's part of the fun with producers. "La La La" and "Luminesce" are supremely delicate, airless mixes with wonderfully layered synths distorting the eerie backgrounds.

Check out both tracks below and stay tuned for any possible updates of new material from Koone.

Lorca - Searching

Brighton producer Lorca is still a few weeks away from the full release of his If I Told You EP on 2020 Midnight Visions, but with the vinyl release of the EP today, fans can listen to the standout "Searching." Dripping with mulled Burial sheen and acid house noir, "Searching" floats between distant and romantic with scathing ease.

Listen to the track below and grab the If I Told You EP April 15 as a Beatport exclusive.