El-P on "Rhythm Roulette"

El-P was the most recent victim (or whatever you make of it) on Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette web series.

The Brooklyn rapper, known as well for his solo efforts as he is for the monstrously good Run The Jewels (never forget that), is also one of rap's finest producers. Fans familiar with the series will note the premise; a producer picks three random LP's blindfolded and warps them into something of a beat. El-P's collection comes with soul and Beethoven, so how he weaves that into something remotely good is insane. Check it out below.

Album Stream: Harrison - When It Rains

I've touched base very lightly on Toronto producer Harrison a while back this year. His well-versed eclectic touch swayed between jazz revivalism and staunchly accessible hip hop, making an instantly likable, indelible craft seem effortless. His newest project, When It Rains, comes to us at "name your own price" courtesy of his Bandcamp. The 11-track effort finds base everywhere, but largely stays in tune with the autumn inspired jazz sounds.

Stream/download the whole album below.

Shigeto - Detroit Part 1

Taken from his recently released No Better Time Than Now, Shigeto debuted the new video for "Detroit Part 1."

Following the title premise, Shigeto gives an inside view of his hometown and his studio. It's a pretty bleak perspective, but then again we're talking about Detroit here. Check it out below and grab No Better Time Than Now on Ghostly International.

All Dogs/Slouch split tape

At the end of last month Columbus, Ohio garage band All Dogs sent out this split cassette with Slouch, and for whatever reason it seems to have been kept quiet. The word is out, and the jubilant, straight-forward collection is starting to gain some headway. And by the way, it's only $1!

The six track tape is a grinning collection of lo-fi glory, with little to no fuss. All-around endearing, guys.

Danny Brown - ODB

Is it too much out of line to think that OLD might end up being the best rap album of 2013?

It's got steep competition with Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap and Run The Jewels (BOTH STILL FOR FREE), but first indications of the delayed Danny Brown follow-up to 2011's XXX are extremely high. Case and point; "ODB."

The oddball production from Brown's producer Paul White (who also produced XXX) is nothing short of extraordinary on the track, which has a fittingly bizarre video to go along with it. It's a serious must listen.

OLD is set for release September 30 on Fool's Gold.

Album Stream: Dpat - In Bloom

Houston's 23-year-old producer Dpat is already on his second album (still getting around to that elusive first one), with the brand new In Bloom. The seven track record is brimming with convexly cool and contorted rhythms and subtlety enriching harmonics, and is free to download courtesy of his Bandcamp page. As well, kudos to album cover creator Samüel Johnson, who has done previous work with the likes of Active Child, MS MR, XXYYXX, and plenty more. Fantastic work.

TV On The Radio - Millions

After releasing "Mercy," the first new single from TV On The Radio since the Brooklyn band's 2011 LP Nine Types Of Light, the band is back again with a brand new song/video for "Millions."

The track serves as a bright contrast to the frenetic "Mercy," offering a more sedated ballad that doesn't come up short. The video starts as garden show, serving as an ironic post for what garden shows tend to do - ignore the actual plights of the environment. Eventually it evolves into something of a statement of preservation and resilience. Watch below.

Dosh - We Are The Worst

The always lovely Graveface Records has brought out some deviant experimental work from Martin Dosh with "We Are The Worst." The static minimalism and subtle textures ream through in a sequence of sparse dream-like stretches, filtered with calming vocal echoes and hazy atmospherics.

The track comes from Dosh's upcoming Milk Honey, which is set for release October 22. Listen to "We Are The Worst" below.

ODESZA - My Friends Never Die

Over the past few months ODESZA has been culling together several new tracks, made specifically for live presentation, for the group's My Friends Never Die EP. The five-track EP, which is set for release September 17, includes the title track, which is available below to stream/download.

All of this also comes before ODESZA sets out on a U.S. tour, supporting the likes of Michal Menert and Pretty Lights. Check the ODESZA website for ticket information, per the link above.

EDIT: The embed link is not available. Check out "My Friends Never Die" here.

Oh No - Yeah/Doin' My Own/Hear Me

Using every tool at his disposal from Now-Again Records, producer Oh No debuted three new soul-sampled filled tracks from his newest installment in the Oh No Verses Now-Again series. "Yeah" is available to stream below but two separate tracks "Doing' My Own" and "Hear Me" are available courtesy at Rappcats. All three are instrumental efforts, using jazz and funk personas to wrap up the tight beat play.

Luckily, Oh No Verses Now-Again is 19 tracks deep and comes out tomorrow, so if you're feeling this, the wait is easy.

Darkside - Golden Arrow

Two months after Nicolas Jaar debuted his wonderful Daftside project (his remix album of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories), Jaar and collaborator Dave Harrington premiered the first taste of the duo's new Darkside project.

The first 11 minutes, which has an accompanying video of smoke and fire below, is also available now to download over at Jaar's Other People imprint. Those familiar with Jaar's celebrated Space Is Only Noise and the previous Jaar/Harrington effort, 2011's Darkside EP, won't be surprised by what transpires: echoing, dissonant sounds flirting with harmonious continuum, filling spaced nuance with somber vocals and personal touches.

Helada Negro - Detroit/Stop Living Dead

Brooklyn producer Roberto Lange, more commonly known as Helada Negro, has been jumping around from various projects in the past few years. From former partnerships alongside Julianna Barwick and Prefuse 73, Lange has come back into his own as Helada Negro for the second in his EP series Island Universe Story.

With Island Universe Story Two, Lange debuted the 80s synth-laden "Detroit," as well as the curiously dissonant and atmospheric "Stop Living Dead." The latter comes from the Helada Negro Bandcamp, which is offering pre-orders of the EP now for $5. The EP is set for release August 27.

Ahnnu - Shame

Leaving Records, fronted by Los Angeles producer Matthewdavid, in participation with Stones Throw, is highlighting little known West Coast producer Ahnnu with the brand new cassette World Music. Featured on the instrumental mix is "Shame," a lo-fi churn of jazz and soul-digging samples without miring in older progressions. Stream it below and grab World Music September 3.

Cass McCombs - There Can Be Only One

Featured on Cass McCombs' upcoming seventh (what he refers to as his "seventh-and-a-half") studio album is the low-hum, succinctly charming "There Can Be Only One." McCombs, per usual, plays with mild country aesthetics while letting his more inspired verses carry the weight of the track.

Stream "There Can Be Only One" below. McCombs' new 22-track album Big Wheel And Others is set for release October 15 on Domino. Pre-order the album here.

Holy Ghost! - It's Okay

After releasing a few teaser tracks from the upcoming album Dynamics, New York electro-pop outfit Holy Ghost! debuted the brand new "It's Okay." The dance-esque features more prevalent on the previous "Teenagers In Heat" dials back a bit for a slower climb, but ultimately ends up right where you expect Holy Ghost! Check it out below.

Dynamics is out September 10 on DFA.

Gent Mason - Eden

London label Aesop brought out this gorgeous gem from producer Gent Mason, entitled "Eden." Title befitting, the staggering pop production comes with some generous additional vocals, crafting a hazy, expansive sound of drone and nectar-sweet pop electro fused together. Listen to the track below.

Mount Kimbie - Home Recording

UK producer duo Mount Kimbie, months after the release of Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, have debuted the slow-shot new video for "Home Recording." Director Anthony Dickenson took charge of the effort, strewing an array of image and lighting contrasts for the slow-burn dub-infused track, making it seem ever more desolate and wanting.

Watch below, courtesy of Rolling Stone. Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is out now on Warp Records.

Ejecta - Jeremiah (The Denier)

This dual piece from Neon Indian member Leanne Macomber and John Ford of Ford & Lopatin (known as Ejecta) floated around early yesterday, bursting with synth pop appeal. It's a lusher project from Ford, who's drone aesthetics play the way to airy atmosphere's on "Jeremiah (The Denier)." It's available now in the U.S. and Europe on Driftless Recordings. Otherwise, stream the adventure below.

Night Beds video - Ramona

Abraham Vilchez-Moran's video for Night Beds' "Ramona" tells the well-traveled story of a man facing his ever-longing disconnect. Before he fully collapses in his own swatch of emotions, he pulls himself together with a fairly heart-warming ending.

Stream the effort below and grab Night Beds' most recent LP Country Sleep today on Dead Oceans.

Budo - Barcelona

Seattle act Budo, whose newest album The Finger And The Moon is due out October 8, debuted the undeniably intriguing new single from the LP, "Barcelona."

The single, complete with Budo's low-hum verses, sparring between gentle bass and subtle arrangements, is available to download below. Expect big things soon.

Captain Murphy - Between Villains (ft. Viktor Vaughn, Earl Sweatshirt, and Thunrdercat)

Next Monday, August 19, the Adult Swim Singles Series will feature the insane collaborative effort of Captain Murphy, aka Flying Lotus.

Featured on "Between Villains" will be an unreal trio, including DOOM's separate moniker Viktor Vaughn, along with Earl Sweatshirt, and Brainfeeder fellow Thundercat. With a lead in like that, its not that hard of a sell. Head over to Pitchfork to stream the effort before the full release.

The Stargazer Lillies - Endless Days

Black Moth Super Rainbow figure-head Tobacco has spread out his production duties even further, helping out shoegaze futurists The Stargazer Lillies on the band's brand new We Are The Dreamers LP. The September 10 release from Graveface Records features the swirling, ethereal "Endless Days," which finds singer-bassist Kim Field prodding elegant verses through smog machines of drum beats and firmly distorted rhythms, is available below.

Album Stream: King Krule - 6 Feet Beneath The Moon

A day after King Krule released the supremely stellar "Neptune Estate," the UK phenom, after weeks of hype, has finally debuted the full version of his 6 Feet Beneath The Moon LP. Fans can get a full listen of the album and bonus street views of London provided by CCTV on his website (link provided above). Otherwise, stream the entire collection below.

6 Feet Beneath The Moon is set for full release August 26 on XL/True Panther Sounds.

Fort Romeau - Stay True

Ghostly alum Fort Romeau has released a series of singles in the past few months with "SW9" back in March and the duel single "Jetée / Desire" last month. Now, with word of a full-length coming in 2014, the producer has debuted the first cut from his forthcoming Stay / True EP. The lengthy Morodor-esque number burns away from classic house and disco inspiration, transcending into an Earthy stratosphere.

Stream the effort below. Fort Romeau's Stay / True EP is set for release September 16.

King Krule - Neptune Estate

Late last night, UK wunderkind King Krule debuted another impossibly stellar track from his upcoming 6 Feet Beneath The Moon with "Neptune Estate." The track sees a small evolutionary step for the 18-year-old singer-songwriter, who introduces moody beats and samples, which eventually grow to a massive piece with a full-fledged band (horns included). Stream the effort below, which is actually a video and not just a photo of the 6 Feet Beneath The Moon cover.

Pre-order the LP here, which is set for release on Archie's birthday, August 24 on True Panther Records.

Black Milk - Perfected On Puritan Ave.

After releasing the wonderful Synth or Soul EP back on Record Store Day, Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk has debuted the first track from his upcoming full-length LP No Poison, No Paradise.

"Perfected On Puritan Ave." features Black Milk back in full rap form, before an unrelenting march of samples and free-form jazz eventually thrash there way into the ending. Stream it below and grab No Poison, No Paradise October 15 on the producer's label Computer Ugly.

Flying Lotus and Thundercat debut new 'Aqua TV Show Show' theme

Fans of Adult Swim's original Aqua Teen Hunger Force will note that the show's title has changed multiple times over the years. And with another season on the way, the show has changed it up again to the brand new Aqua TV Show Show, enlisting the help of former collaborators Flying Lotus and Thundercat for the new smoother, jazz-inspired theme. The biggest shame here is that it doesn't run any longer than 45 seconds. There's gotta be an extended version somewhere.

Big Sean - Control (HOF) (ft. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica)

In case you live under a Twitter rock, everyone has been going nuts (and that's saying it lightly) about Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control (HOF)." The track debuted yesterday on Funkmaster Flex's show on Hot 97, which manages to stretch over seven-and-a-half minutes of verses from the three accompanying parties. Lamar's verse, however, seems to be overshadowing some fairly good verses from Sean and Jay Electronica, as Lamar calls out a litany of current rappers - including the other two on the exact same song. Andre 3000 and Eminem are safe, however.

Feel the hype, listen below.

RY X - Berlin

Magnus Bohman, the LA-via-Australia producer, has stepped out of the Imperial Recordings imprint and moved onto his brand new Dumont Dumont label. In his first move, Bohman tapped singer-songwriter RY X, who has the brand new "Berlin" out today.

The gorgeous, light cut comes from RY X's upcoming EP of the same name, which will be released digitally and as a vinyl August 28. Stream it below for now.

Haleek Maul - Lobo (prod. by Forest Swords)

Barbados rapper Haleek Maul recently teamed up with the increasingly beloved Forest Swords for the brand new abrasive and dark "Lobo." The production from FS feels strictly noir, befitting the surprisingly morose verses from the 17-year-old rapper. Check it out below.

Erlend Øye video - La Prima Estate

Norwegian singer-songwriter Erlend Øye, who some may remember as one of the members of Kings Of Convenience, has a new album coming out later this year, featuring this positively heart-warming "La Prima Estate." The accompanying video, which was shot in Sicily (it's in Italian, FYI) by Marcin Öz and Gabriele Galanti, does everything in its power to match up to the unreal charm of the track, with some fairly gratifying results.

Check the video out below. 
Øye's LP will be released later this year - his first since 2003's Unrest, courtesy of Bubbles Records.

Heavenly Beat - Complete

Beach Fossils' bassist John Peña released the newest track from his side-project Heavenly Beat earlier today, with the super-catchy and joyful "Complete." The track comes from Peña's upcoming full-length LP Prominence, which is set for release October 15 on the same label that houses Beach Fossils, Captured Tracks. Check it out below.

Milo video - Besos

Among the litany of "breakout" 2013 artists, there are few that much up to Milo (so far). The Hellfyre Club rapper, who just released his awesome, free Cavalcade mixtape over at Bandcamp, debuted the sweetly bizarre new video for "Besos" with director Riley Lake. The greenscreen adventure may be odd for some, but the song kills it beyond words.

NOK From The Future - Abysso

Opus Eternum have curated this delightfully insane new video from little-known NOK From The Future, which takes heavy swings from chaotic to heartwarming in less than a minute's time. Notice, for one, the nightmarish screams that eventually sway into a beautiful sampling of Queen's seminal "Somebody To Love," all packaged in an utterly-fantastic video. Check it below.

New Julianna Barwick video - One Half

Highlighting what's sure to be another gorgeous record from Julianna Barwick, directer Zia Anger utilized the defying atmospheric nature of Barwick's "One Half" with breathless forest imagery and a wave of naturalistic color contrasts. For as beautiful as Barwick's dream-like vocals tend to be, Anger does her best to almost outdo the track itself.

Watch the video below. Barwick's new album Nepenthe is due out August 20 on Dead Oceans. Until then, stream the release over at NPR.

Jon Hopkins - Breathe This Air (ft. Purity Ring)

As part of an upcoming set of tour dates together, Megan James of Purity Ring has added her lofty vocals on an updated version of Jon Hopkins' "Breathe This Air." The exasperating and dreamy new take will be featured on an exclusive 12", 175 of which will be given away at the duo's shows at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles.

Also featured on the 12" will be a special Jon Hopkins remix of Purity Ring's "Amenamy," which will be released on Domino Records. Tour date info is available here.

Lee - Work It Out/Continue

Thai artist Lee, who not only produces, but paints and raps, has dropped two incredibly constructive and all-world extraordinary products in recent days, with the soul-intensified sampled "Work It Out" and the destructively beautiful "Continue." Nothing much can be said, other than these demo's are unhinged works of unbridled joy. Stream both below.

New Delorean - Destitute Time (ft. Glasser)

Following June's release of "Spirit," Barcelona dance outfit Delorean have debuted the positively excellent new "Destitute Time."

The track comes nearly a month before the band's set to release Apar, courtesy of True Panther Sounds. Glasser fans may recognize the vocal contribution on the track, who provides a lofty high to the resounding chorus. Stream the effort below and grab Apar September 10.

Seoul - Stay With Us

Montreal outfit Seoul may be setting a new precedent for bands named after places. The group's ever-loving new track "Stay With Us" is a crafty yet simple exposure of bedroom pop done to beautiful extremes. Stream or download the effort below and be sure of more goodies to come from the group.

Quasimoto video - Catchin' The Vibe

The high-pitched Quasimoto, one of the many appreciated projects from LA super-producer/DJ/rapper Madlib, has a brand new trash-centric video for the solemn played "Catchin' The Vibe." The video follows an unknown dump-dweller crafting a mysteriously colorful physical project in the Portland rain as jerky kids look onward. But hey, there's a happier ending than you might think.

Grab Quasimoto's Yessir Whatever today on Stone's Throw Records.

Night Panther - Delta

Pennsylvania dance rock revivalists Night Panther have debuted the sleek new "Delta" from the duo's forthcoming "Delta"/"Fire" 7" due out next month. Pre-orders for the supremely catchy single are available here, which will be available on special limited edition gold vinyl. Shipments will begin September 17 courtesy of Small Plates Records.

Yo La Tengo video - Is That Enough

Fade standout "Is That Enough" has been crafted into the second of Yo La Tengo's recent animated video series, following "Ohm." The fuzzy orchestral track (don't get to say that often) looks through the endless possibilities of what could actually be the formula behind Yo La Tengo? The answer, as one can see in the video below, takes a lot of time and open ideas.

Fade is out now on Matador Records.

Braids - Fruend

Two weeks before the release of Flourish // Perish, Montreal bedroom electro act Braids have dropped the endlessly warming "Fruend." The sparkling track is the fourth the band has released so far from the upcoming LP, which is set for release August 20 on Arbutus/Full Time Hobby/Flemish Eye. Stream it below.

JJ DOOM - Banished (Beck Remix)

Included in the upcoming deluxe reissue of last year's Keys To The Cuff, the collaborative effort from DOOM and Jneiro Jarel, are several curious remixes, included this distorted version of "Banished" from Beck(!). Also included in the reissue, titled Keys To The Cuff: Butter Edition are remixes from Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood, Dave Sitek, and Clams Casino, which comes out August 20 on Lex Records.

New CFCF - Jump Out Of The Train

Welcome back.

For those following, I of course have been away for the week - not at Lollapalooza, surprisingly. But that's over, as well as my time off. So, back to it.

Over the weekend, Montreal's CFCF debuted the gloriously hypnotic and enchanting "Jump Out Of The Train" from his forthcoming Outside. It's the first music since debut several of the Music For Objects EP pieces, which debuted earlier this month.

Stream the effort below. Outside is set for release October 21 and 22 on Paper Bag/Dummy Records.