Wrinkles Away?

So, It's Tuesday night, I'm sitting at home and the phone rings. On the other end is my friend who tells me she's having a little get together. "Well it's sort of a hosted party" she explains. Okay, so I tell her I'll go but ask what type of party it is exactly..just so I'm prepared. (Trust me when I say I've been to a lot of really crazy hosted parties...some more fun than others). She continues on explaining that her other friend is hosting this party for NuSkin and a new tool that is supposed to get rid of wrinkles.....Okay I thought, stop right there. Wrinkles? We are in our mid twenties. Do we really need to worry about getting rid of wrinkles? Because last time I checked...wait, let me check again....okay yeah, still no wrinkles. But whatever, it's a bunch of girls getting together chit chatting...which is probably more fulfilling than doing loads of laundry at home. So I say I'll go. I go...and on the way run in to a headache full of traffic which I'll divulge into next.
Here I am sitting at the table watching this woman I know nothing about try to give the most satisfying sales pitch she knows how. Possibly working on others, pushing me further and further away. So here's the product, it's a tool you use in conjunction with other NuSkin products, of course. And the cool thing is it only costs like $450 total. Wow! I need one now!!!! Sense the sarcasm? Yes, you should. I think these products cause more harm than good...and that's my personal opinion, but when your telling your customers that "the energy that's going into you may cause harm if you're using a cell phone...." WTF? That's where the line needs to be drawn. And that's when I stepped out to take "an important phone call". We are so consumer driven. ughhhh!

Tag, I'm It!

Tag, I'm it...

1. Family & Friends I have the most loving, caring, outgoing, supportive family and friends ever. I love them more than they will ever know.
2. Writing. I went to school for it. I use it daily at work, and luckily its also a hobby.
3. Finding new interests.

1. Failing.
2. Being in another car accident. (Was in a horrific accident last December and broke my neck...still recovering.)
3. I fear I will never get over my uncertainty on certain things.

1. Have a family.
2. Get my Masters Degree
3. Become an investigative journalist.

1. The internet (ie: facebook, blogger, postsecret)
2. New home Furnishings
3. Sales

1. I can stand on my head for hours...although most of you already know this...
2. I haven't watched television in my home for almost 3 months. I know, crazy right? So You Think You Can Dance is on and I'm not a part of it? It's just a phase...I'm sure I'll watch them on the internet sooner or later.
3. I'm vegetarian. Yep, that's right...even though I love a good steak...being vegetarian is good for my health.

No Rules, Just Write

For the last day and a half I've been racking my brain, trying to think of something, anything at all to write about. I think of different topics; interests, friends, conquests, all sorts of lists, yet nothing spectacular comes to mind. And so I sit, and read others blogs hoping their stories will inhibit my own thinking....but it doesn't. So, here I sit and write whatever pops into my head. I figure I should not have just one niche, but rather write in abundance about the many topics that fill my mind. This is my blog. My blog has no rules, just writing.