Flying Lotus - About That Time/A Glitch Is A Glitch (For Adventure Time)

For the very few who haven't caught on to the wonderfully creative cavalcade that is Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, it's almost too easy to say you're missing out. The cartoon/comic series is an unreal triumph of furiously fun energy, humor, and next-to-none originality that makes it stand apart.

Series creator Pendelton Ward and the show's team of writers let the musical inspirations regularly flow, utilizing curiously under-used chip tune anthems, writing original songs, and even subtle name-drops from time to time ("Don Juan Cherry Tempo" is referenced in an episode, a call out to jazz legend Don Juan and his musician daughter Neneh Cherry).

Last night's new episode featured familiar help from Flying Lotus, who created the chip-tune heavy "About That Time/A Glitch Is A Glitch" used in the show's final credits. Stream the new track below.