Did That Really Just Happen?

You hit the "send" button, and continue on with your other tasks. Then it hits you. "Wait...did that really just happen? Did I really just do what I think I did?" And then you spend the next few minutes trying to convince yourself you didn't. You couldn't have! You're not that scatterbrained...right?
But then your worst fear is confirmed. You sent that embarrassing and/or damaging email to the WRONG person. Oops.
It happens frequently. I've been both the recipient and the sender in different instances. Some more damaging than others.
Trust me when I say...misdirected errant text messages and emails can cause quite the confusion and if sent at work can put much more at stake than just embarrassment.
I once received a text Does ur wife know? Recently, I sent a confidential email, while sent to the right person was also sent from a place easily accessible to others.
Let's hear your stories. You're welcome to post anonymously.