Biden v Palin

"Can I call you Joe?"
And that's how the debate began.

In their first Vice Presidential debate Republican Nominee, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, the Democratic Nominee discussed topics such as health care, same sex marriage, the economy, energy and global warming and Iraq.

The Alaskan Governor stood her ground during the debate and made it clearly evident she wanted to have her track record known.

Biden also had an agenda, and it seemed to be making McCain out to be viewed as only a successor to President Bush; saying he (McCain) voted four out of five times with Bush on budget plans.

While their opinions differed on most topics, they did share one common belief-that the institute of marriage should be between man and woman.

-My view-
Biden seemed to want to focus on the Bush administration rather than on McCain which makes his arguments weak.

Palin was so concerned with talking about her track record, she sometimes forgot to discuss the question at hand-which in turn, made her look weak.

How do you think they fared?