Morgan's Pier, July 24 - Parquet Courts (Preview)

Word clawing through the filtered commentary on last weekend's Pitchfork Music Festival were that Parquet Courts - the New York-via-Texas DIY punk four-piece still reeling from January's debut Light Up Gold - were stoically efficient. Chicago Tribune manic music mind Greg Kot noted the band's performance as furiously quick, saying;
For some, the lack of flash may be too much. But for the band that so quickly found themselves daily on indie XM radio stations after only months of steadily raising their name from the cavernous swarm of fellow New York garage groups, Parquet Courts are striving with marvelous efficiency.

Kot later noted in his short-term study of the band that the guitar play leaves trails of glory from former New York garage icons Television. Obviously comparing any newfound flavors of the scene to the illustrious talents that put together Marquee Moon is fairly high, but it does give credit to the easy uniqueness of the group. But now rather than being a modern punk oddity, Parquet Courts is learning to thrive in its aesthetic, courting even more acclaim of the bright future ahead.

The band will be performing free tonight at Philadelphia's Morgan's Pier with Woods, continuing the venue's free summer concert series. The show is set to begin at 9 p.m. Check the Morgan's Pier website for more details.